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Wellbeing for young scots

Wellbeing for young ScotsWellbeing for Young Scots
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Responsibility and being responsible is an important feature to growing up and becoming responsible citizens, with respect for others and a commitment to participate responsibly within their schools and communities.  Responsibility encompasses a diversity of behaviours, values and ways of thinking and feelings.

Such as:

  • being caring and considerate towards others

  • behaving responsibly at home and school and in the community

  • working co-operatively with others

  • understanding right and wrong (appropriate to age and stage of development)

  • accepting responsibility for their actions

  • understanding and accepting the consequences of their actions

  • coping with challenges/difficulties appropriate to their age and stage of development

  • assessing and managing risks appropriately

  • making positive choices

  • taking pride in their personal hygiene and appearance

The level of responsibility a child or young person should experience, and be helped to experience, will change as they grow and develop; as they learn what is and is not appropriate behaviour in various circumstances. It leads to a greater emphasis on their understanding of their emotions and behaviour and the impact that these have on others.