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Wellbeing for young Scots

Wellbeing for young ScotsWellbeing for Young Scots
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Respect and being respected is vital to children’s and young people’s wellbeing, to  their sense of self-worth and belonging; feeling loved and cared for and trusted by their friends and parents or carers, and not feeling stigmatised, discriminated against or demeaned.

Such as:

  • being treated with dignity and respect at all times
  • feeling that others respect their privacy and personal space (within age appropriate limits)
  • receiving regular praise and encouragement
  • feeling listened to and taken seriously by those around them
  • being treated as individuals in their own right with their own needs, expectations and aspirations
  • having sufficient and appropriate information to make informed choices
  • being asked for their views on information about them being shared for a specific purpose
  • being actively involved in any decisions and planning that affects them
  • having access to advice and the opportunity to challenge any decisions which they feel do not take full account of their needs and wishes.

The child who is treated with respect is also more likely to be safer, emotionally and physically healthier, happier, more nurtured, more likely to feel and be included, more likely to achieve and more likely to respect themselves and others and behave in a considerate and responsible way.