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Wellbeing for young Scots

Wellbeing for young ScotsWellbeing for Young Scots
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Every child has the right to thrive and develop into a safe, healthy, happy, well-adjusted child, young person and, ultimately, an independent, respected and responsible adult. This means children and young people having the right support, care and environment around them while growing up.

Such as:

  • having their basic needs met (food, accommodation, clothing)

  • receiving the appropriate care and guidance from parents/carers

  • experiencing appropriate boundaries and supervision at home

  • experiencing love, emotional warmth and attachment

  • being loved and cared for by a trusted adult

  • having a well-developed sense of self-esteem and self-respect

  • having a well-developed sense of identity and belonging

  • having their developmental needs understood and met by parents/carers

  • receiving additional support and care when required

  • receiving support, and education to prevent abusive/harmful behaviours