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Wellbeing for young Scots

Wellbeing for young ScotsWellbeing for Young Scots
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Being active is not just about ‘doing’, although very important; it is about children and young people having access to and being encouraged to take up opportunities to explore their home and community, to play with others and express themselves in a variety of different ways.  It is also about developing new skills, learning how to assess and manage risks, and act responsibly and cooperatively within teams and groups.

Such as:

  • having and taking up the opportunity to explore their environment safely

  • being physically fit and active

  • displaying interests and talents developed through opportunities and encouragement

  • positively engaging in play (recreation / sport / activities)

  • appropriately engaging in social activities

  • gaining a sense of achievement from engaging in activities

  • actively and appropriately involved in their family / social network

  • actively and appropriately involved within the school / community

  • developing the ability to assess and manage risks appropriate for their age

  • having support to cope with or overcome barriers to physical activity like poor health or disability

Ultimately, activity and play is essential to a child’s or young person’s sense of subjective wellbeing: the positive feelings about themselves that come from having fun. Being active has an important role to play in developing other areas of the wellbeing: a sense of inclusion and belonging, physical and emotional health, sense of achievement from facing new challenges and developing new skills, self-respect and sense of responsibility, and being in a safe environment to be active and be encouraged.