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Wellbeing for young scots

Wellbeing for young Scots

Wellbeing for Young Scots
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Every child and young person has a right to support to help them progress and develop the skills, ambition and know how that will help create a positive future for them. This means being engaged and motivated to attend and actively participate in their learning, and to develop knowledge and understanding, skills, capabilities and attributes needed to succeed.

Such as:

  • regularly attends school or receives regular schooling at home

  • being positively engaged in their learning and responds well to additional support if required

  • being a confident learner

  • playing and working well with others

  • working well independently

  • able to follow routines and instructions

  • being confident when faced with new challenges

  • coping well with changes (planned or unplanned)

  • entering and sustaining employment / education / training as a school leaver

In the early years of a child’s life this means being supported at home and in early learning and child care  to meet or exceed the appropriate developmental milestones and be ready for primary school.  For those with additional support needs and with special talents and abilities it means having the opportunities and support to maximise their potential.

Every child and young person has the right to fulfil their potential. This is at the heart of both GIRFEC and Curriculum for Excellence.