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Children being taught the wellbeing game

I would recommend it as a useful resource to have in the classroom"


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Children playing the wellbeing game

Every small statement leads to quite animated discussion"


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Certificates at the end of the wellbeing game

The game helps you think and talk"

How the ‘Wellbeing snail game’ is working for P7 children

P7 children at Cleeves Primary School, Glasgow used the ‘Wellbeing snail game’ to help illustrate their ‘Health and Wellbeing’ topic at the start of the school year. When researching the topic, class teacher, Glenda Kirwan, was thrilled to find the game here on our website and had it made up to play with her class. Here’s her story:

“I discovered the ‘Snail Trail’ game whilst looking online for appropriate resources for my Health & Wellbeing topic at the beginning of term.

“The game seemed bright, colourful and appropriate for the age group I teach – primary 7 – so I downloaded the game and had it made up.

“Mrs Fyfe (PSA) worked with a group to teach them the game and it was an instant hit. The children enjoyed seeing who was the healthiest, the safest, the most responsible, the most achieving, to name a few of the categories involved in the game.”

How the game works

“The children move round the board collecting cards as they go, based on good & bad choices, set in realistic situations which they could find themselves facing one day. They count up their ‘good’ choice cards at the end and the winners of each category receive a certificate.

“The game is bright, appropriate and can be used in a multi-disciplinary setting. (It is also appropriate for some of the Glasgow SHRE (Sexual health and relationships education) lessons at a Primary 7 level). It is not complicated to use & once a group can play it they can teach other children how to play.

I would recommend it as a useful resource to have in the classroom.”

It's something they would still choose to play

Head Teacher, Susan Beaton, added:

“The Snail Trail was a fantastic way for the children in primary 7 to enhance their learning in Health and Wellbeing at the start of the new school session, and, I’m happy to say, is something they would still choose to play.

“They are able to discuss the wellbeing indicators and the importance of each. Indeed I was amazed by how every small statement led to sometimes quite animated discussion.”

Susan finished by saying that while it is a game, and there are winners, this wasn’t the most important thing for the children – here’s what they thought:

  • “It helps you communicate and cooperate”
  • “The game helps you think and talk”