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A guide to evaluating wellbeing in schools and nurseries

GIRFEC interactive guide

“It has been extremely useful as staff can see at a glance the importance of their role in supporting the wellbeing of the children.”
Sacred Heart Primary


Getting it right for every child (GIRFEC) and Curriculum for Excellence are central to improving outcomes for Scotland’s children and young people. Both emphasise that promoting, supporting and safeguarding the wellbeing of children is a responsibility for all staff working in a school or nursery.

We’ve developed a wellbeing-focused guide for early years establishments and schools, aimed at supporting professional dialogue and self-evaluation.

By focusing on wellbeing, the guide can help professionals to develop the Getting it right for every child approach in education settings.

Staff are already using the guide to structure discussion and work through their own audit processes.

The guide:
  • Gives staff a clear understanding of wellbeing
  • Demonstrates the links between wellbeing and the teaching and learning process
  • Helps identify actions to improve culture, systems and practice in their establishment
  • Highlights and recognises good practice
  • Supports the development of improvement objectives based on wellbeing and provides evidence of improvement as part of an overall improvement plan

Download the GIRFEC interactive guide for schools and nurseries

Tailored version for the third sector

The GIRFEC approach recognises that children and young people do best when they are well supported by their parents, family and community, and by the universal services of health and education.

Third sector organisations play a significant role in communities and working in partnership with universal services can be key to promoting, supporting and safeguarding wellbeing for many children and young people.

This version of the interactive guide to evaluating wellbeing is aimed at supporting third sector organisations to consider wellbeing in the context of their organisation and service to improve outcomes for service users. It will support dialogue between workers to improve understanding of wellbeing, contribute to improvement planning  and strengthen the shared language of partnership working within the GIRFEC framework.

Download the GIRFEC interactive guide for the third sector

Making the links… making it work

Making the links… making it work

To complement the GIRFEC self-evaluation tool, Education Scotland is developing a resource that continues to support the self-evaluation process by identifying specific activities / practices that would be seen in the establishment when learning and teaching takes account of wellbeing.

The resource illustrates how Curriculum for Excellence links to the wider context of the United Nations Convention on the Rights of the Child and the Getting it right for every child approach. It connects the Health & Wellbeing experiences and outcomes that are the responsibility of all, to the GIRFEC wellbeing indicators. This will help staff to develop a shared understanding of health and wellbeing and, in turn, ensure that the culture in their establishment is getting it right for every child.