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Holding us to account

It is important that we are accountable for promoting, supporting and protecting children’s rights in Scotland. Ministers are committed to taking a number of steps in order to ensure this is the case.

In line with our international obligations, Scottish Ministers contribute to the development of a report every 5 years setting out the steps being taken by the UK to implement the UNCRC. That report is then submitted to the Un Committee on the Rights of the Child who will make recommendations based on its content.

Through the Children & Young People (Scotland) Bill we are proposing the preparation of more regular reports (every 3 years) which will support Parliament and others to hold us to account domestically.

The presence of an independently appointed Children’s Commissioner is a key strength of Scotland’s approach to children’s rights. Tam Baillie is Scotland’s Commissioner for Children and Young People. Tam is tasked by the Scottish Parliament with ensuring that children’s rights are properly recognised and respected.

Finally, Non-Government Organisations perform a key role in promoting children’s rights in Scotland. They also play an important part in scrutinising our overall approach to implementation of the UNCRC. Together is the independent alliance of non-government organisations which raises awareness and monitors progress with implementation of children’s rights in Scotland.