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Review of Maternity and Neonatal Services

The Review Chair announced the membership of the Review Group on October 7, 2015 which encompasses the range of professional interests, academics, and third sector representatives. The first meeting of the group was held on the 20 October.

The Review Group will make recommendations for a Scottish model of care that contributes to the Scottish Government’s aim of person-centred, safe and effective care which provides the right care for every woman and baby every time and giving all children the best start in life.

The Review Group will provide a report to Ministers in summer 2016 which will record its findings, and make recommendations for implementation of the findings.

Review Group Remit

  • The review will examine what we mean by choice, informed choice and consent, what is realistic and practical in offering women choice in maternity services, and examine this for women in all care settings.

  • It will explore the women/families perspective on choice and what they think it means and what they want.

  • The review will also consider whether choice is provided equitably to all service users, including groups who do not engage well with mainstream services.

  • In the neonatal care setting, the review will examine the choices available to families involved with neonatal services, and how we support provision of those choices.

  • The review will look at the processes in place to report, examine and learn from adverse events and incidents in maternity and neonatal care,

  • It will examine cultural and behavioural issues within the maternity and neonatal care setting that influence both safety and experience of care.

  • The review will also look at the issues faced by remote and rural maternity and neonatal units and consider how they can be addressed and supported.

  • It will examine risk assessment protocols, referral pathways and models of maternity and neonatal care to ensure our services are designed to deliver the best care in the best place with the best outcomes, all of the time, recognising that this will requirelocal, regionaland national level solutions.

  • The review will look at the quality, quantity and efficiency of data collection and consider what is needed and how it is used to drive service improvement.

  • Workforce – the review will examine whether we have the right balance of skills in the care setting, and are using those skills efficiently and effectively, and have appropriate and available training to build a sustainable workforce.

Sub Groups

For the review, four sub groups were established to take forward aspects of the work as set out by the Review Group. The groups worked up a series of recommendations and proposals that will seek to enhance services and present these to the Review Group by spring 2016. These were published in The Best Start in January 2017.

  1. Evidence and Data Sub Group
  2. Workforce Sub Group
  3. Maternity Models of Care Sub Group
  4. Neonatal Models of Care Sub Group