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Tel: 0131 244 4000 or
0300 244 4000 (for local rate throughout UK and for mobiles)

Older People's Helpline - 0845 125 9732

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Older People - Improve your health

older man exercisingGood physical and mental health, quality of life and the ability to live independently are closely linked. There have been great improvements in the health of older people, and many conditions can now be treated which would previously have led to death or chronic illness.

Although health problems generally increase with age, disease and disability are not inevitable consequences of growing older. Many older people remain healthy and continue to make a major contribution to society. The challenge for the Executive is to maximise the opportunity for each individual to enjoy a long and healthy life.

  • Information and Advice
    There are a number of ways to access information and advice including NHS 24, which is a new, confidential 24-hour nurse consultation service.
  • Healthcare
    Healthcare of Older People is the core business of the NHS in Scotland.