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Rural transport

Scottish Ministers are committed to increasing access to transport for all in our society including those living in rural areas and are encouraging rural transport services in Scotland through the Rural Transport Fund.

The fund covers grants to local authorities for rural passenger transport services, rural community transport projects and grants to rural petrol stations.

Rural Public Passenger Transport Grants

Grants totalling £24.8m have already been allocated to Local Authorities for new rural public transport services. A further £11.9m has been allocated between 2004 and 2006. The grant paid to local authorities over the last 5 years for new and improved rural public passenger transport services has enabled over 400 new or improved services, mainly bus, but also ferry services, to be introduced bringing particular benefits to people who do not have access to a car.

The Rural Community Transport Initiative

This initiative provides assistance to community and voluntary groups for community transport measures which are of particular help in the more remote areas of Scotland, particularly where there are no scheduled bus services or where services are very limited. So far 149 community transport projects throughout rural Scotland have received support. A number of projects are providing particular transport benefits for older people opening up new travel opportunities and enabling older people living in rural areas to access and enjoy social activities and local facilities. Projects include community mini-buses, transport co-ordination, dial-a-bus and car schemes.

An evaluation of Rural Community Transport shows that 75% of journeys would not have been made without the schemes the Executive is supporting.

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