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Equality Evidence Framework

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Equality Evidence Framework

The Equality Evidence Framework has been developed to help public authorities and others gather and use equality evidence. Evidence is vital to help understand the issues and inequalities of concern in Scotland, to help to inform policy action, and to measure and evaluate the impact of changes or interventions.

Scotland, in common with other parts of the UK, has known evidence gaps across some of the protected equality characteristics and across all the policy areas of interest. This was noted in the Equality and Human’s Rights Commission’s Equality Measurement Framework report and in the Christie Committee report.

The Framework is part of Scottish Government’s response to the challenge of improving equality evidence and addressing key gaps. However, even when we maximise use of our available data, there will still be some gaps. Going forward, these pages will provide information on how Scottish Government will be addressing the difficult task of prioritising which gaps should be filled and offer a starting point from which public authorities and others can progress.

The Framework provides information, advice and tools on:

Evidence and the Public Sector Equality Duty

Gathering Equality Evidence

Using Equality Evidence

Gathering and using equality evidence at a local level

The Framework is still at an early stage and will be developed over time.  We are committed to continuing to build the advice and tools in this Framework, and to working with partners to improve the equality evidence base for policy in Scotland.

Equality Evidence Strategy 2017-2021

High quality equality evidence and analysis is vital to underpin effective and inclusive policy making in Scotland. However, despite improvements in recent years, there remain gaps in Scotland’s equality evidence base. This paper sets out a four year strategy (2017-21) describing the equality evidence gaps we have identified in concert with our partner organisations and academic colleagues, and detailing a strategic approach to strengthening Scotland’s equality evidence base.

The Equality Evidence Strategy 2017-2021