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Summary: Religion and Children and Families

familySummary: Religion and Children and Families

  • As at 31 July 2017, the religion of 77% of children on child protection registers was unknown, 16% had no religion and 7% had a religion

Source: Children's Social Work Statistics Scotland 2016/17 (Last updated: March 2018)

Note: Information on religion has been collected as part of the child protection statistics, children looked after statistics and children in secure care accommodation statistics since 2010/11. Information on religion of looked after children was not published due to data quality concerns as each year around 75 per cent of children are recorded with religion as 'unknown’. The numbers for children in secure care accommodation by their religion are too small to publish at this date.


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Publications and Outputs

Publications and Outputs

Children's Social Work Statistics Scotland 2016/17 (March 2018) A compendium of statistics on looked after children, child protection and secure care statistics. Covers age, gender, religion and additional support needs

Scottish Government Equality Outcomes: Religion and Belief Evidence Review (2013) A comprehensive review of available evidence in relation to religion

Future Developments

Future Developments

Data on Children Looked After

Education outcomes was published for the sixth time in June 2016.  The publication links school and social work data to present information on the attainment, post-school destinations of looked after young people who leave school, and the school attendance and exclusion rates of all looked after children.

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