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Summary: Ethnicity and Rural and Environment

rural communitySummary: Ethnicity and Rural and Environment

  • In 2011, households where the Household Reference Person (HRP) was from a minority ethnic group were more likely to be in urban areas in Scotland.
  • The vast majority of 'African' households were in large urban areas (85 per cent) compared to only 40 per cent of all households.
  • 'White: Scottish', 'White: Gypsy/Traveller' and 'White: Other British' had relatively high proportions of households in rural areas.

Chart showing ethnic group by urban rural classification in Scotland 2011

Source: Analysis of Equality Results from the 2011 Census: Part 1 (Published: October 2014)


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Publications and Outputs

Publications and Outputs

The Experience of Rural Poverty in Scotland (2009) Qualitative research with single pensioners, single parents, disabled people, people with mental ill health, and migrant workers to examine whether and how the experience of poverty is distinctive in rural Scotland.

Scottish Government Equality Outcomes: Ethnicity Evidence Review (2013) A comprehensive review of available evidence in relation to ethnicity.



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