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Summary: Disability and Children & Families

familySummary: Disability and Children and Families

  • In 2016, 7% of children and young people (aged under 16) had a limiting long-term physical or mental health condition. Boys were significantly more likely than girls to have a limiting long-term condition (9% and 6% respectively).

Source: Scottish Health Survey 2016 (Last updated: October 2017)


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  • The Scottish Government does not currently have information on disability in relation to children and families. Information that was previously labelled as 'disability' does not meet the definition of disability outlined in the Equality Act 2010 and is more accurately described as additional support needs. The Scottish Government has implemented a new disability question from 2015/16 for children looked after, child protection and secure care accommodation data collections and will present this data when fully assessed.

Future Developments

Future Developments

Data on Children Looked After

Education outcomes was published for the sixth time in June 2016.  The publication links school and social work data to present information on the attainment, post-school destinations of looked after young people who leave school, and the school attendance and exclusion rates of all looked after children.


Publications and Outputs

Children's Social Work Statistics Scotland 2016/17 (March 2018) A compendium of statistics on looked after children, child protection and secure care statistics. Covers age, gender, religion and additional support needs

Scottish Health Survey 2016 (October 2017) The Scottish Health Survey 2016 report presents statistics on mental health, general health and caring, alcohol consumption, smoking, diet, physical activity, obesity, respiratory conditions, cardiovascular disease, and diabetes. Contains analysis on age, deprivation and gender

Scottish Government Equality Outcomes: Disability Evidence Review (2013) A comprehensive review of available evidence in relation to disability.



Official Statistics

statistics.gov.scot - Explore, visualise and download over 200 datasets from a range of producers. Start browsing by theme, organisation, or geography. Or access programmatically using our APIs. A range of datasets are available that can be broken down by disability status


External Links

External Links

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External Publications and Outputs

Bullying Experiences among disabled children and young people in England: Evidence from two longitudinal studies (Centre for Longitudinal Studies, 2014) An ESRC funded project focusing on disabled children’s early cognitive development and their subsequent educational transitions. The research involved analysis of two longitudinal studies of children at different ages, the Millennium Cohort Study (MCS) and Next Steps (formerly the Longitudinal Study of Young People in England).