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Summary: Age and Third Sector

Charity workerSummary: Age and Third Sector

  • After the age of 74, the level of volunteering declines. In 2016, 19% of men and 17% of women aged 75 and over volunteered in the last 12 months, compared to 27% of adults overall.

Source: Scottish Household Survey 2016: Volunteering (Last updated: September 2017)


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Publications and Outputs

Publications and Outputs

Scottish Government Equality Outcomes: Age Evidence Review (2013) A comprehensive review of available evidence in relation to age equality.



Scottish Government Survey Data

Scottish Household Survey - The Scottish Government website provides further information on accessing Scottish Household Survey data

UK Data Archive - Annual Population Survey and Scottish Household Survey microdata is available (through a ‘special licence’ scheme) from the UK Data Archive

Official Statistics

statistics.gov.scot - Explore, visualise and download over 200 datasets from a range of producers. Start browsing by theme, organisation, or geography. Or access programmatically using our APIs. A range of datasets are available that can be broken down by age group


Future Developments

Future Developments

The Scottish Government website provides information on developments in Scottish Third Sector policy.

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External Links

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External Research Organisations

Centre for Charitable Giving and Philanthropy - Conducts and promotes high quality research on giving and philanthropy

Scottish Council for Voluntary Organisations - The national membership organisation for Scotland’s charities, voluntary organisations and social enterprises. Produces research on issues effecting third sector organisations

Scottish Third Sector Research Forum - The Scottish Third Sector Research Forum (TSRF) brings together third sector and public sector partners to promote and share research about and from the third sector

Social Enterprise Scotland - Organisation comprising of social enterprises in Scotland.

Third Sector Research Centre - The Third Sector Research Centre works to enhance knowledge through independent and critical research. In collaboration with practitioners, policy makers, and other academics, it explore the key issues affecting charities and voluntary organisations, community groups, social enterprises, cooperatives and mutuals.



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