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National Forum on Ageing

The National Forum on Ageing takes a number of forms:

The National Forum on Ageing Futures Group is an independent 'think tank' formed to continue the imaginative, forward, positive thinking that informed the All Our Futures strategy. It believes flexibility of approach, openness to new ideas and willingness to think beyond the traditional core themes of housing, health, care and transport are important. It is based at the Centre for the Older Person's Agenda, Queen Margaret University, Edinburgh. More information on the National Forum on Ageing Futures Group can be found here.

The National Forum on Ageing Futures Group intends to address current issues and engage with people across Scotland in imaginative forward thinking. It plans to hold a number of events - the first was on 15 June 2009 at the Scottish Parliament with Sir Tom Farmer and Bill Jamieson, Executive Director of The Scotsman. The report of this event 'Unlocking our Potential: Older People - a key to Scotland's future?' is available at: http://www.qmu.ac.uk/copa/forums/NFA%20Futures%20Group.docs/National%20Forum%20on%20Ageing%20Futures%20Group%20Report%20Sep09.pdf

The National Forum on Ageing Futures Group has also considered learning in later life with the question 'Are Older Learners Invisible?' Its report - Learning Through Life: Older people - the forgotten generation? (April 2010) aims to provide an overview of the current state of lifelong learning in Scotland. The Report is available here http://www.qmu.ac.uk/copa/forums/NFA%20Futures%20Group1.htm. It suggests better dissemination of information about courses and available financial assistance, guaranteed low cost venues for organisations involved in learning provision, particularly voluntary sector organisations, and the maintenance of concessionary travel and good transport links.

The Forum's third topic was skills and employability. An event in Glasgow in May 2010 led to its third report Scotland's Skills Challenge: Older people - an asset to the workforce? which was published in November 2010.

The National Forum on Ageing Futures Group held 'Creative Ageing' in Perth Concert Hall on 29 March 2011. Andrew Dixon, Chief Executive, Creative Scotland announced a National Festival for Older People which will be the largest such event in the UK, with a strong programme of arts for older people for the next 3 years. It will be jointly funded by the Baring Foundation and Creative Scotland.

If you would like to contribute to discussions please contact the Project Manager by email: copa@qmu.ac.uk or by telephone: 0131 474 0000 and ask for Copa when prompted.

The National Forum on Ageing Implementation Group has met once, on 16 September 2008, and the papers are below: