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Business Continuity Management

Business continuity management (BCM) means planning for any crisis and making sure that your business can recover quickly and survive.

The crises that affect business are not necessarily large-scale catastrophes. Smaller events - sometimes involving a single member of staff - can cause businesses to suffer serious problems.

BCM is an essential management task that makes businesses better able to cope effectively with all kinds of disruptions and emergencies. It drives operational efficiencies, adds competitive advantage, and it can help businesses avoid some potential problems altogether.

By ensuring they will be able to cope in adversity, businesses not only protect their reputations, investments and profitability, they also strengthen national resilience.

More Guidance on Business Continuity Management is available online from the Scottish Government.

Guidance for organisations involved in responding to emergencies in included in Preparing Scotland: Scottish Guidance on Preparing for Emergencies.

The UK Government's Preparing for Emergencies website provides extensive information for business. More detailed advice for business continuity professionals can be found on the UK Resilience website.

Other sources of information include: