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Police Negotiating Board

The Police Negotiating Board negotiates the terms and conditions for Scottish police officers.

PNB fulfills the legal requirement, under section 61 of the Police Act 1996, for a body comprising appropriate representation to consider "questions relating to hours of duty, leave, pay and allowances, pensions or the issue, use and return of police clothing, personal equipment and accoutrements."  The Board will seek agreement on these matters, with a view to forming recommendations to be passed to Scottish Ministers. A guide to the PNB is available here.

PNB was abolished for England, Wales and Northern Ireland under the Anti-social Behaviour, Crime and Policing Act 2014.

PNB remains an advisory non-departmental public body under the Police Act 1996, but only in Scotland.

Police officers in England, Wales and Northern Ireland now make representations to the Police Remuneration Review Body on their pay and conditions, at or below the rank of chief superintendent. Officers in the rank of Assistant Chief Constable and above make representations to the Senior Salaries Review Body.