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The Firelaw pages provide information about the general fire safety regime for non-domestic premises, which was introduced in Scotland in 2006. The fire safety regime applies to most non-domestic premises (premises which are not private dwellings) and to Houses in Multiple Occupation which require a licence.

If you operate, occupy, or have control over, non-domestic premises you are likely to have responsibility for fire safety but this responsibility will be in direct proportion to your level of control. The more control you have, the greater your responsibility. Additionally, an employer will always retain responsibility for the safety of his or her employees.

The fire safety regime requires those persons with responsibility for premises to ensure the safety of others by putting in place appropriate fire safety measures based on an assessment of risk.

More than one person can have fire safety responsibilities for the premises. An employer, owner, landlord, tenant or a contractor carrying out repair work may each have fire safety responsibilities and are required to co-operate with each other and co-ordinate their fire safety measures.

Information about fire safety in the home is available on the Scottish Fire and Rescue Service website