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Damages, Succession, Contract, Company Law, Trusts and Unincorporated Associations and Clubs

General information on the following laws;

  • Under civil law, Damages refers to the amount of money negotiated between defenders and pursuers or awarded by the courts to compensate the pursuer for loss, injury and damage suffered as a result of the wrongful actions of another person.
  • The law of Succession governs how a person's property passes on his or her death.
  • Contract Law governs an agreement that creates or is intended to create a legal obligation between the parties to it.
  • Company Law is about how companies are created and how they operate. Much of company law is reserved to the UK Parliament.
  • Trusts are a legal vehicle by which property is transferred to another person or persons to manage and use as directed under the terms of the trust.
  • There are a large number of unincorporated associations in existence in Scotland.

The content of these pages is for general information purposes only. The Scottish Government is not able to provide legal advice on individual cases. Anyone looking for specific guidance may wish to seek independent legal advice.