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The Act replaced most of the gambling law in Great Britain and aims to put in place an improved, more comprehensive structure of gambling regulation. The Act also created a powerful new regulator, the Gambling Commission, and gives greater powers to licensing authorities.

Gambling is a reserved matter so the only way for Scottish Ministers to acquire powers was through a Sewel Motion. This was approved by the Scottish Parliament on 12 January 2005 and the Act contains all the Scottish provisions. As a result, Scottish Ministers' now have powers to set fees and licence conditions for all gambling premises in Scotland.

An introductory note on implementation of the Act was published by the Department for Culture. Media and Sport (DCMS) on 22 June 2005. The note represents a strategic overview of the activities (and key target dates) needed to implement the Act. Following widespread consultation, DCMS laid Transitional Provisions Orders before the UK Parliament in July and December 2006 - they cover all of the gambling industry in Britain and set out the transition from the existing regulatory framework to the new regime established by the Act. A copy of the July Order, Explanatory Memorandum, and Regulatory Impact Assessment, together with the consultation paper ( pdf format) can be accessed through the consultation section of this site.

The independent Casino Advisory Panel made recommendations to DCMS Ministers on 30 January 2007, which included Dumfries and Galloway getting a small Casino. Further details can be obtained from the Casino Advisory Panel's website. Regulations have been approved by the Scottish Parliament concerning premises licensing under the Gambling Act. The regulations include mandatory and default conditions that will attach to premises licences, the procedural aspects of the premises licensing process (including the forms to be used), and the fees that have been set by Scottish Ministers for the Scottish gambling industry. Secondary legislation that implements the Scottish provisions of the Act can be accessed through the Scottish Actions section of this site.

The Gambling Act was fully implemented across Britain on 1 September 2007.