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Gambling - Permits


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Permits are issued to premises that either offer very low-stakes and prizes gambling, or premises whose primary function is not the provision of gambling facilities. Licensing authorities (Licensing Boards in Scotland) are responsible under the Gambling Act for issuing the following permits:

  • Family Entertainment Centre Gaming Machine Permits
  • Prize Gaming Permits
  • Licensed Premises Gaming Machine Permits (licensing authorities will also receive notifications of a licensed premises' intention to exercise its automatic entitlement to two gaming machines)
  • Club Gaming Permits
  • Club Machine Permits


DCMS and the Scottish Government produced training materials on permits designed to help Licensing Boards understand better their role under the Gambling Act. The training package includes information about all aspects of the permit regime, detailed process maps setting out the main activities involved from the receipt of applications to their determination and the detailed transitional arrangements for the various permits.


The Gambling Act gives Scottish Ministers powers to make regulations setting fee levels for gambling premises licences and permits in Scotland. The policy in Scotland is that all fees for Licensing Boards are set centrally by Scottish Ministers with a flat rate for each premises/permit category aimed at cost recovery. The fees for miscellaneous permits applied for in England and Wales are set centrally by DCMS Ministers and the Scottish rates currently match the English ones.

FEC Gaming Machine Permits and Prize Gaming Permits

The procedures for obtaining these permits are set out in DCMS regulations and can be accessed from the links below. The fees in Scotland have been set by Scottish Ministers in regulations which can also be accessed below. However, minor drafting deficiencies in the Gambling Act have resulted in DCMS Ministers having to prescribe the fees in respect of a change of name for both prize gaming and FEC permits, so the DCMS regulations implement these fees in Scotland.

Licensed Premises Gaming Machine Permits and Club Gaming/Machine Permits

The Scottish regulations setting out the procedures for applications (and fees payable) in respect of club gaming and machine permits & licensed premises gaming machine permits, equivalent to Schedules 12 and 13 of the Gambling Act can be viewed by clicking on the links below:

'Dry' Clubs and Pubs' Automatic Entitlement to two Gaming Machines

A minor drafting deficiency in the Gambling Act has resulted in the procedures for obtaining club gaming/maching permits for 'dry' clubs in Scotland having to be set out in DCMS regulations - these can be accessed by clicking on the link below. This applies only in respect of members clubs' commercial clubs and miners' welfare insitutes that do not hold a certificate or licence under the Licensing (Scotland) Act 1976 authorising the sale of alcohol.

The fees payable for 'dry' clubs and the notification for an automatic entitlement to 2 gaming machines in alcohol licensed premises are set out in Scottish regulations and can be accessed via the link below.