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Parental Responsibilities and Rights

Family Matters - Parental Responsibilities and Rights

There are certain things that parents and other people are expected to do for the children they look after while the children are growing up. These are known as parental responsibilities. Along with this, these people are allowed to do certain things to bring up the children. These are called parental rights.

You can find out more about parental responsibilities and rights in our leaflet Family Matters: Family law and young people in Scotland. The booklet tells you more about things such as:

  • What are parental responsibilities and rights?
  • Who has parental responsibilities and rights?
  • What about me, how can I have my say?
  • What happens when families have problems?
  • What if the court has to make a legal decision?

You might also want to speak to someone or find out more information about family law. The links page contains links to organisations that may be able to help you.