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The Scottish Government produce a number of publications about family law in Scotland.

Your Parenting Plan

Your Parenting Plan is a guide to making practical arrangements for your children if you live apart.  Whether you're a parent, grandparent, or support a parent or separating family, this booklet can help you make sure good arrangements are made for the children's needs and wellbeing.  The Plan also tells you about some sources of support, advice and information.

Your Parenting Plan: Guidance Notes

Parenting Plan guidance notes for legal professionals, educators and others who work with parents and children.

Your Parenting Plan: Charter for Grandchildren

The Charter for Grandchildren is about support for grandparents in the situation of separated families.

Information Booklets

These booklets give general information about family law in Scotland, and point readers to sources of advice and support.

Parental Responsibilities and Parental Rights Agreement

This agreement gives a father who does not have Parental Responsibilities and Rights (PRRs) for a child and who was never married to the child's mother to get PRRs for that child. To do so, the child's mother and father can complete a Parental Responsibilities and Rights form and then register it in a public register called The Books of Council and Session. The pack is made up of the form itself and a folder with information about the form and the consequences of registering it.


Our booklet What to do after a death in Scotland gives a guide to dealing with someone's estate (property) after they die. It also provides a guide to rights of succession (inheritance), and gives details of organisations that can offer practical and emotional support.