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Carers Policy Branch

Care, Support and Rights Division

The Scottish Government
St Andrews House
Regent Road

Email: carerspolicy@gov.scot

Twitter: @SG_CarersPolicy

Carers Parliament

A previous Scottish Government manifesto commitment, the Carers Parliament is a forum providing carers, young carers, and carer representatives from across Scotland an oppurtunity to discuss and debate matters important to them.

Scottish ministers, MSPs, and other decision makers have been able to hear directly from delegates, of their knwoledge and experiences, and participate in debates and discussions.

The Scottish Government commissioned Carers Scotland, on behalf of National carer organisations, to organise and manage the Carers Parliament. A Steering Group invovling key stakeholders has overseen the devlopment, management, and evaluation of each Carers Parliament.

The fifth Carers Parliament took place on November 2, 2016 at Edinburgh Conference Centre, Heriot Watt University.

The next Carers Parliament is planned for October 2018, with a focus on Young Carers during the Year of Young People 2018.