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Useful Documents

Downloadable documents:

Title:Useful Resources
Description:A collection of useful resources regarding the implementation of the Carers Act.
File:Personal Outcomes -- Emma Miller [DOCX, 162.4 kb: 03 Aug 2017]
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File:Implementing the Carers Act Evidence Review -- Ailsa Cook [DOCX, 98.1 kb: 03 Aug 2017]
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File:Scotland's Carers - Scottish Government [PDF, 1687.1 kb: 03 Aug 2017]
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Carers Policy Branch

Care, Support and Rights Division

The Scottish Government
St Andrews House
Regent Road

Email: carerspolicy@gov.scot

Twitter: @SG_CarersPolicy

Useful Resources

Several pieces of research have been commissioned to inform the development of the Carers Act and its successful implementation. These documents review the literature regarding unpaid carers and young carers in Scotland and draw conclusions for successful implementation of the Act.

These resources, and other documents can be found in the Useful Documents section to the right.