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Title:Monitoring and Evaluation Subgroup
Description:A brief overview of the Monitoring and Evaluation Subgroup
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Carers Policy Branch

Care, Support and Rights Division

The Scottish Government
St Andrews House
Regent Road

Email: carerspolicy@gov.scot

Twitter: @SG_CarersPolicy

Monitoring and Evaluation Subgroup

The purpose of this group is to develop a monitoring and evaluation framework and strategy to be delivered from 2018-19 onwards:

  • This will help us understand and articulate the monitoring, outcomes and indicators required to track progress towards effective implementation.

  • This will be set within a wider context of on-going work to develop the performance reporting system across health and social care generally.

  • It will consider how data and evidence requirements can be met through existing sources and the need for any potential new research.

In implementing the Act we should consider:

  • Where we are now and where we want to reach over the next 5/10 years and beyond.

  • How we measure and assess progress.

  • How we can meet our aims in the most cost-effective and efficient way possible.

  • What works best in effecting change.