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If you look after someone, need care yourself or are planning for your future needs, you can get the information and advice you need from Care Information Scotland, visit www.careinfoscotland.scot or call 0800 011 3200.


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Independent Living

What is independent living?

Independent living means all disabled people having the same freedom, choice, dignity and control as other citizens at home, work and in the community. It does not necessarily mean living by yourself or fending for yourself.  It means rights to practical assistance and support to participate in society and live an ordinary life.

It is about ensuring people of all ages are able to maintain their independence, and are able to access appropriate support when they need it.

Scottish Government’s headline policy for disability equality is our Shared Vision for Independent Living for all disabled people. Independent Living was identified by disabled people’s organisations as the overarching priority for disability equality.

How can we support independent living?

The Scottish Government is committed to delivering equality and human rights for disabled people across Scotland by adressing independent living. As part of this initiative the Independent Living in Scotland (IILiS) project was set up to:

  • Support disabled people to have their voices heard by policy makers, decision makers and others in wider society
  • Grow and strengthen the independent living movement in Scotland

A steering group of disabled people's organisations helps guide the direction of the ILiS project: