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Adult Rehabilitation

A Delivery Framework for Adult Rehabilitation in Scotland aims to examine the evidence for co-ordinated and focussed approaches to rehabilitation gaps, providing direction as to how these can be addressed and making recommendations for the future:

Rehabilitation is a concept with broad applicability across professions and agencies but which is interpreted in a variety of ways within different contexts.

Key objectives for NHSScotland will be:

  • To manage long-term conditions more effectively, including the prevention of unnecessary admissions
  • Provide early interventions in the community enabling people to live independently at home and provide earlier access to diagnosis treatment and rehabilitation that will enable this to happen

Allied Health Professionals have a key role to play in delivering rehabilitation. Together with other health and social care professionals this framework will need to set out how this shift from "care" to "enablement and rehabilitation" can be achieved using the expertise of the whole team to best effect.