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Support and Social Care

The Government is working in partnership with service users, carers, local authorities, the NHS, the Care Commission and the voluntary and independent sectors to improve community care services across Scotland.

In this section

  • Social Care Support

    Action to improve services for people with learning disabilities, including autistic spectrum disorders.

  • Adult Support and Protection

    Support and protection information for adults who are unable to safeguard themselves.

  • Independent Living

    Information on independant living, leaving hospital, equipment and adaptations.

  • Financial Help

    Information on help with costs, grants and schemes.

  • Regulating Care

    Regulate and support improvement of social care and social work services across Scotland.

  • Care Inspectorate

    Independent regulator of social care and social work services across Scotland.

  • Adult Rehabilitation

    Delivery Framework for Adult Rehabilitation in Scotland

  • Bereavement Care

    Bereavement Care and support services information.

  • Unpaid Carers

    Provides information on the action being taken to support people in Scotland, including children and young people who are unpaid and who provide care.

  • Self Management

    Enabling people living with long term conditions to take control and manage their own health.

  • Health Literacy

    Aiming to make Scotland a health literate society.

  • Children and Young People

    Information to help keep your child healthy.