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Rehabilitation Equipment

Rehabilitation Services include the provision of a broad range of equipment for people with widely varying needs including wheelchair and seating services, postural support equipment, prosthetics, orthotics, wigs and domiciliary (home) oxygen.

NHS wheelchair and seating services aim to provide a comprehensive service through enhancing each person's mobility and independent living in their own home and providing ongoing support which includes consideration of function, posture, pressure relief and comfort. Specialist seating is also provided to people who need additional support in their wheelchairs due to postural instability or irregular body shape.

Prosthetic limbs are supplied to patients who require them following amputation or congenital limb absence, after clinical assessment by a prosthetist. An orthosis is a medical device applied to influence or aid movement and prevent deformity or pain. Orthoses are fitted following assessment by qualified orthotists.

Patients with hair loss due to treatment for cancer, alopecia, or other conditions, are offered wigs, provided free of charge by NHS Boards. A clinical assessment is normally carried out by a dermatologist and wigs are provided by commercial suppliers through contracts with National Procurement.

Home oxygen can be prescribed as a long term therapy to patients with a range of respiratory conditions following individual specialist clinical assessment. Services are managed by NHS National Services Scotland on behalf of NHSScotland and include the provision of oxygen concentrators, liquid oxygen and other specialist services such as BabyOx and Homefill systems.