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Healthcare Associated Infection Policy Unit
Scottish Government
St Andrew’s House
Room GE15
Regent Road
Telephone: 0131 244 5185

Infection Monitoring

Reducing healthcare associated infections in Scotland is a key priority for the Scottish Government

  • Infection Monitoring - is key to helping prevent them. Knowing the number of cases of healthcare associated infections means we know which areas to target.
  • National Healthcare Associated Infection Monitoring - is used to look at large scale trends. It concentrates on the bigger picture, focussing on the number of infections across an NHS Board and Scotland as a whole.
  • Local Monitoring of Healthcare Associated Infections - is used to look at the number of infections in individual hospitals

The Scottish Government and Healthcare Associated Infections

The Scottish Government works closely with the NHS to ensure that the risks of healthcare associated infections are kept to a minimum. The key ways in which this is achieved is through:

  • The Scottish Antimicrobial Resistance and Healthcare Associated Infection (SARHAI) Groups - these are responsible for advising Scottish Government on policy development and implementation to tackle healthcare associated infections
  • Healthcare Associated Infection Delivery Plans - capture the detail of the action being taken by Scottish Government, NHS Boards and key stakeholder agencies, the current programme of work is covered by the Healthcare Associated Infection Delivery Plan 2011 onwards
  • The Scottish Government has provided over £50 million of additional funding between 2008 and 2011 to NHS Boards and key national stakeholder agencies to tackle healthcare associated infections

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The NHS, Healthcare Associated Infections and You

  • If you are visiting a member of the family or a friend either in hospital or another place of care such as a care home, there are a number of things you can do to help prevent the spread of any infection, including winter vomiting disease (norovirus) and MRSA
  • Some infections such as norovirus may be brought in from the community and can spread rapidly between patients and staff. Remember - hospitals, healthcare facilities and care homes have many vulnerable patients and residents - your actions can affect their health
  • Top Tips to help prevent the spread of any infection
  • Hand Hygiene