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Preventing Healthcare Infections

AMR/HAI 5 Year Strategic Framework (2016-2021)

The Scottish Government has published its 5 Year Strategic Framework (2016-2021). The Strategic Framework, commissioned by the Scottish Antimicrobial and Healthcare Associated Infection (SARHAI) Strategy Group, maps out our AMR/HAI work streams over the next five years to realise our 2021 vision and commitment for the safety of patients, the public and all healthcare staff to make our hospitals and communities a safer place.

MRSA Screening

MRSA can live on the skin of healthy people without causing any problems. It is only when it enters the body and causes an infection that people become ill from MRSA.

Screening involves testing patients who are admitted to hospital so that patients who are already carrying the bacterium but are not ill from it can be identified and their care managed appropriately.

If you are found to be carrying MRSA your doctor will discuss the most appropriate care with you; and you are encouraged to speak to your doctor or nurse if you are worried about any part of your treatment.

Healthcare Associated Infection LDP Standards 2015 - 2016

Local Delivery Plan (LDP) Standards are priorities that are set and agreed between the Scottish Government and NHS Boards to provide assurance on NHSScotland performance. The Standard for NHS Boards' rate of SAB (staphylococcus aureus bacteraemia (including MRSA)) is to maintain an infection rate of 0.24 cases or less per 1,000 acute occupied bed days, for Clostridium difficile infections in patients aged 15 and over the rate is 0.32 cases or less per 1,000 total occupied bed days. 

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New Products and Technologies to Prevent Healthcare Associated Infection

If you have a new product or technology relating to infection control that you think would be of benefit to NHSScotland you should contact the Heath Protection Agency's Rapid Review Panel.

An Healthcare Associated Infection Commodities Group in NHS National Services Scotland National Procurement meets six monthly to consider products recommended by the Rapid Review Panel. It provides a prompt assessment of new and novel equipment, materials, and other products or protocols that may be of value to the NHS in improving hospital infection control and reducing healthcare associated infections: