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National Advisory Committee for Neurological Conditions


The National Advisory Committee for Neurological Conditions (NACNC) was established in 2016. 

Role & Remit

In order to reflect the ambition to drive improvements in the care, treatment and support available for people living with neurological conditions across Scotland by:

  • Providing advice to Ministers and Scottish Government Health and Social Care Directorates on neurological conditions to support the development of national policy(ies);
  • Being widely recognised as having the ability to lead, collate and reflect the views of the neurological community, including health care professionals, third sector organisations and service users;
  • Creating and offer opportunities for networking and communication for all neurological stakeholders;
  • Improving outcomes for people with neurological conditions by working to embed improvement across relevant services in line with the Quality Strategy aims to support and ensure safe, effective and person centred care.


The NACNC includes clinicians, patients and carers, the third sector, professional groups, NHS Boards, Integration Joint Boards and research/academic fields.  It seeks to harness and reflect expert advice and support across the neurological community.

The NACNC is currently chaired by Dr Richard J Davenport (a Consultant Neurologist in Edinburgh) and supported by Scottish Government officials from the Strategic Planning and Clinical Priorities team.  Additionally, the current deputy chairs, Susan Walker and Stephanie Fraser, provide experience from NHS service management and the third sector respectively.


The NACNC is supporting the development of Scotland’s first national action plan on neurological conditions. A project team has been established to take this project forward.

The project includes 5 separate activities that will inform the development of the Action Plan.

  1. Lived Experience – a qualitative approach to understanding peoples experiences of care, and their priorities for change.  Commissioned by Scottish Government from The Alliance.

  2. Neurological Data Analytical Project – work to understand prevalence of neurological conditions and NHS activity, commissioned by Scottish Government from NHS Information Services Division.

  3. Policy/literature mapping work undertaken by Scottish Government Clinical Priorities Team and supported by a PhD intern

  4. Mapping of Neurological Services - a survey led by the National Advisory Committee for Neurological Conditions’ Executive Team.

  5. Three national engagement events (Aberdeen, Glasgow, Edinburgh) to test our ideas and gain further feedback from people living with neurological conditions.

It is the intention to consult on the draft action plan in late 2018.



The latest minutes can be found under related downloads.  Previous minutes are available on request.