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Dementia Strategy Implementation and Monitoring Group

Work to deliver the Dementia Strategy is overseen by the Dementia Strategy Implementation and Monitoring Group. Its remit is to:

  1. Ensure delivery of the eight Actions to support the change programme, including being responsible for considering next steps in relation to particular actions, such as the work on knowledge and skills
  2. Monitor the impact of public sector funding pressures on the capacity of partners to deliver on those commitments within the dementia strategy that have a potential resource implication
  3. Establish a monitoring framework which is valid both nationally and locally to track change and improvement over time in respect of dementia services. The framework will build on the benchmarking work set out above and where possible will be based on existing data sources or data which is provided through the benchmarking work. It will take account of items such as:
    • The number of people with a diagnosis
    • The number of people receiving post-diagnostic information and support
    • Reductions in unnecessary admissions to general hospitals and reduced period admission for those for whom it is appropriate
    • Reductions in the use of psychoactive medication
    • Compliance with Part V of the Adults with Incapacity Act
    • Increases in social and community activities, including physical activity
    • Improvements in the experience of people with dementia and their carers
    • Prepare an Annual Report on progress to be published in June 2011 and June 2012
    • Commission a revision of the Dementia Strategy, which takes account of progress and learning, to be in place from June 2013

Annual Progress Reports

The group produced Progress Reports at the end of Year 1 and Year 2: