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Diabetes in Scotland

The Scottish Government is committed to ensuring that people living with diabetes have access to the best possible care.

The Diabetes Action Plan

Diabetes presents a serious health challenge for Scotland. The Scottish Diabetes Framework published in April 2002 sought to draw together existing guidance and best practice and to set out the first steps of a 10-year programme to address the problem of diabetes.

The Diabetes Action Plan, published in August 2010, builds on these initiatives and sets out a comprehensive programme of work designed to improve the full spectrum of care for people with diabetes:

Overall, the Action Plan adopts a fully person-centred approach, in that it reflects the distillation of the views of more than 800 people with diabetes about the aspects of services that matter most to them.  It has been developed in partnership with Diabetes UK Scotland, in keeping with the Government’s commitment to close co-operation with the voluntary sector.

The Action Plan offers the opportunity for the diabetes community to work together to share best practice, support and deliver high quality care and aims to:

  • Promote self-management of the condition through effective education, better access to psychological support and the use of information technology
  • Minimise the impact of the potentially serious complications associated with diabetes
  • Increase the availability of intensive insulin treatment for people with Type 1 diabetes, including insulin pump therapy
  • Create a stronger emphasis on screening and prevention of diabetes.

The Action Plan reflects the principles of our Quality Strategy. It provides the diabetes community with the tools to realise our aim of world-class, person-centred, effective, efficient, equitable, safe and timely services for people with diabetes in Scotland:

Scottish Diabetes Group

The Scottish Diabetes Group is a national Steering Group which coordinates the implementation of the Diabetes Action Plan. The Group convenes three times a year and aims to promote Scotland-wide collaboration, peer support and dissemination of best practice:

The remit of the Diabetes Group is to:

  • Co-ordinate and evaluate the implementation of the Scottish Diabetes Framework and Action Plan;
  • Oversee the development of national diabetes strategy;
  • Provide expert advice to the Scottish Government Health Directorates.