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Curriculum for Excellence: Substance misuse education: http://www.gov.scot/Topics/Education/Schools/HLivi/DAE

Literature Review: 'What Works' in Drug Education and Prevention?: http://www.gov.scot/Resource/0051/00511169.pdf

Choices for Life: Practical advice for school children on the impact of alcohol, drugs and tobacco use: https://young.scot/choices-for-life

Know the Score: Factual information and advice on drugs and their associated risks: http://knowthescore.info 






Substance Misuse Education and Prevention

Education and Prevention is a key strand of the national drug strategy, The Road to Recovery, and is integral to our approach to reducing the number of people with problem drug use in Scotland.

A mapping exercise of substance misuse prevention and education activity in Scotland has been undertaken by the Scottish Government. Surveys were sent to Local Authorities and Alcohol and Drug Partnerships to collect information on the type of activities being delivered in their area for school age children and young people under 25. The analysis report from this exercise can be downloaded below.

The Scottish Government also published a literature review on ‘what works’ in drug education and prevention in December 2016 to provide clarity on what works and does not and to inform approaches taken towards substance misuse prevention and education for young people in Scotland. We have produced some short-form guidance which distils the findings of the literature review that can be downloaded below.

Also attached below is best practice guidance from Mentor-ADEPIS who support the delivery of effective alcohol and drug education prevention in schools and other settings. Mentor UK are jointly funded by Public Health England and the Home Office.



Good Practice Substance Misuse Education and Prevention Guidance

Downloadable documents:

Title:Substance Misuse Education and Prevention
Description:Advice and guidance on drug and alcohol misuse education and prevention
File:Scottish Government Good Practice Guidance [PDF, 224.6 kb: 06 Dec 2017]
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File:Mentor Guidance [PDF, 391.0 kb: 06 Dec 2017]
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File:Mapping Analysis [PDF, 516.9 kb: 06 Dec 2017]
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