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Working with the Alcohol Industry

In recognition of a shared aim to promote responsible drinking and to reduce alcohol related harm in Scotland, the Scottish Government and Alcohol Industry Partnership (SGAIP) was formed in February 2007.

Since September 2015 the Scottish Government and Alcohol Industry Partnership members have agreed to find new, lighter-touch ways of collaborating on measures to reduce alcohol harm. The Scottish Government will continue to work with members of the alcohol industry where aims align.

125ml Wine Measure Pilot

The 125ml wine campaign pilot was a collaboration between the Scottish Government, the Scottish Alcohol Industry Partnership and East Dunbartonshire Council.

The aim of the pilot  was to increase awareness of the smaller wine measure amongst consumers in liccensed premises in the East Dunbartonshire Council are.  With the help of licensing advisors, licencess and a multiplatform campaig, the pilot achieved a 70% improvement in consumer awareness.

The campaign was designed to test whether the pilot approach was effective and assess whether the approach could be rolled out to other parts of Scotland.  The evaluation report, prepared by Spreng Thomson and Story, highlights the effectiveness of the pilot which took place between november 2015 and july 2016.  The report also contains recommendations for future roll-out.

The report can be found here:

125ml wine pilot campaign report