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Palliative and End of Life Care

Palliative and end of life care are integral aspects of the care provided by health or social care professionals to people living with and dying from any advanced, progressive and incurable condition. 

Palliative care is not just about care in the last days and hour of life, but about ensuring quality of life for both the person and their family at every stage of the life-limiting disease process from diagnosis onwards.

The publication of a Palliative and End of Life Care Strategic Framework for Action on December 18, 2015 provides a clear and strong message to support future focus in this area:

We are committed to supporting a wide range of organisations, clinical and care staff to work within an improvement focused model to reliably and sustainably implement the Strategic Framework for Action. There is a strong consensus that the development of this Strategic Framework for Action provides a clear and strong message that many have recommended is required.

The Scottish Government has begun to work with stakeholders to implement the Strategic Framework for Action. We have established a national implementation advisory group to support and advise on implementation of the 10 commitments for palliative and end of life care.