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The eCare Programme was started in 2001 to give an electronic way for staff from different agencies to share important information when they are involved in the care of the same person.

The programme included funding for 14 local Data Sharing Partnerships (DSPs) to promote and develop local sharing agreements and for modifications to local IT systems, and the development of a national IT system.

In 2011 it was recognised that the ten year old eCare IT system was reaching the end of its maintainable life and delivering only very limited value. After detailed study and consultation the clear consensus was that a fresh approach to IT support in this area was needed, one that put much more emphasis on support for local partnerships to decide what is best for them.

It was agreed that, in the transition to a locally led approach, the eCare IT system was not required and as a result funds were switched to better approaches. These new developments are already delivering effective IT support to local partnerships.

Information relating to the decision to close eCare was released on 27 February 2013 as a result of a Freedom Of Information request.