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Efficiency & Productivity

Quality and Efficiency Support Team (QuEST)
Directorate for Health Workforce and Performance
St Andrew's House
Regent Road


Efficiency & Productivity

The Healthcare Quality Strategy for NHSScotland and the 2010 Spending Review set the strategic context for the NHSScotland Efficiency and Productivity Framework for SR10.

The Framework, published in February 2011, identifies priority areas to improve quality and efficiency.

The Framework has three overarching themes:

  • Support – supporting our workforce (including ensuring that staff are appropriately skilled to deliver the necessary change)
  • Enablers – identifying, sharing and sustaining good practice (including benchmarking and data, and efficient use of technology)
  • Cost Reductions – reducing variation, waste and harm

Eight workstreams, underpinned by the support and enablers, identify where there are further savings and quality improvements to be made.

Efficiency and Productivity Workstreams

There are five core workstreams:

These thematic workstreams are underpinned by two cross-cutting workstreams:

  • Prevention and Early Intervention

  • Evidence Based Care

And two enabling workstreams:

NHSScotland's Quality Improvement Hub

More information on Efficiency and Productivity can be found on NHSScotland's Quality Improvement Hub website: