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Whole Systems Patient Flow

Designing care systems with effective patient flow is critical to the delivery of NHSScotland's Quality Ambitions of safe, person-centred and effective healthcare. Poor flow can lead to increased costs, poor quality and poor patient experience. Moreover, evidence links poor flow and suboptimal scheduling in healthcare to an increase in mortality, adverse events, readmissions and poor financial performance.

The Whole Systems Patient Flow Improvement Programme will adopt a whole systems approach to patient flow designed to ensure patients receive the right care at the right time in the right place by the right team every time and will promote the bringing together of both elective and unscheduled workstreams to supporting a whole system approach.

Key programme work areas:

  • Testing new and innovative approaches to improving whole system patient flow:
    • Piloting a model to optimise patient flow
    • Testing the Health Foundation's Flow Cost Quality Programme in Scotland
  • Improvement approach to ensure a focus on reducing variation, achieving reliable implementation and spread of:
    • Same Day Surgery
    • Enhanced Recovery
    • Non-operative Fracture Redesign