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Quality and Efficiency Support Team (QuEST)
Directorate for Health Workforce and Performance
St Andrew's House
Regent Road

Email: QuEST@gov.scot
Tel: 0131 244 2233

Quality, Efficiency & Support Team (QuEST)

Applying Quality Improvement Science to Performance Challenges

QuEST supports the delivery of quality and efficiency within NHSScotland by coordinating the implementation of the NHSScotland Efficiency and Productivity Framework for SR10, providing support to NHS Boards through benchmarking, data development and its associated toolkits.

We focus on high-volume, high-cost services to identify and test innovations which could lead to improved levels of efficiency and quality.

QuEST also assists NHS Boards to assess the impact of redesign on service delivery and provides support to NHS Boards who may require additional help to identify and release efficiencies or where performance challenges are identified.

QuEST also supports Boards to develop their own capacity and capability for continuous improvement and contributes to national partnerships such as the Quality Improvement Hub to facilitate this.

QuEST Workstreams:

The Quality Improvement Hub Website

The NHSScotland Quality Improvement Hub is a national collaboration developed to suppport NHS Boards achieve the aim of the Healthcare Quality Strategy for NHSScotland - 'to deliver the highest quality healthcare services to people in Scotland'.

The Quality Improvement Hub website provides a range of resources to support organisations improve the quality of health and care in Scotland.