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Healthcare Improvement Scotland

Healthcare Improvement Scotland (HIS) was set up by the Public Services Reform (Scotland) Act 2010 and took over the functions of NHS Quality Improvement Scotland and the regulatory functions of the Care Commission in relation to independent healthcare services.

The Healthcare Improvement Scotland work programme supports Scottish Government priorities, in particular the Healthcare Quality Strategy for NHSScotland. They:

  • Develop evidence-based advice, guidance and standards for effective clinical practice
  • Drive and supporting improvement of healthcare practice
  • Provide assurance about the quality and safety of healthcare through scrutiny and reporting on performance

The range of work undertaken by Healthcare Improvement Scotland includes:

Independent Healthcare

In respect of independent healthcare regulation, the Scottish Cosmetic Interventions Expert Group (SCIEG) was set up in January 2014 to explore the need for introducing regulation to cosmetic procedures following the publication of the Keogh Review in April 2013.

The Scottish Cosmetic Interventions Expert Group was formed with representation from all those interested in ensuring that those delivering cosmetic interventions do so with an appropriate level of training and skill. The recommendations contained within this report have been designed to ensure those who choose to seek cosmetic interventions can do so with the knowledge that providers delivering services meet certain basic standards of training.  Whilst any cosmetic intervention can have a poor outcome, this will be less likely if delivered by those with adequate training.

The the Scottish Cosmetic Interventions Expert Group report and recommendations were published on the Scottish Government's website in July 2015 and will lead to inspections of private clinics carrying out dental and other healthcare services, including non-surgical cosmetic interventions, beginning in 2016.

The Scottish Government consulted on the future regulation of independent healthcare in Scotland in 2010 and the consultation report that followed was published in 2011:

Performance Management

The performance management arrangements for Healthcare Improvement Scotland mirror those of Territorial and Special NHS Boards: