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The Quality Measurement Framework

The Quality Measurement Framework provides a structure for aligning the wide range of measurement that goes on across the NHS in Scotland for different purposes, describing how measurement helps to drive progress towards our Quality Ambitions and providing us with the ability to demonstrate improvement both locally and nationally.

The three levels described by the framework provide a structure for thinking about the intended use of sets of indicators.  In summary:

Level 1 - Quality Outcome Indicators

The Quality Outcome Indicators (QOIs) listed below are used for national reporting on longer term progress towards the Quality Ambitions and the Quality Outcomes. These are intended as indicators of quality, and do not have associated targets.

Level 2 - HEAT Targets

Level 2 contains the HEAT targets, which describe the specific and short term priority areas for targeted action in support of the Quality Outcomes.

Level 3

Level 3 contains all other indicators/measures required for quality improvement and performance management and reporting, either by national programmes or locally.

It is important to be able to understand and demonstrate how all measurement informs quality improvement and therefore how work contributes to the Quality Outcomes.

Quality Outcomes

Six healthcare Quality Outcomes provide a description of the priority areas for improvement in support of the Quality Ambitions. These Quality Outcomes provide a context for partnership discussions about local and national priority areas for action.  The six healthcare Quality Outcomes are:

  • Everyone gets the best start in life, and is able to live a longer, healthier life
  • People are able to live well at home or in the community
  • Healthcare is safe for every person, every time
  • Everyone has a positive experience of healthcare
  • Staff feel supported and engaged
  • The best use is made of available resources

Quality Indicators

Twelve Quality Outcome Indicators have been developed to ensure focus and progress towards the Quality Outcomes:

  • Healthcare experience
  • Staff engagement
  • Healthcare Associated Infection (HAI)
  • Emergency admission rate/bed days
  • Adverse events
  • Hospital Standardised Mortality Ratio
  • Under 75 mortality rate
  • Patient Reported Outcome Measure
  • Self-assessed general health
  • Percentage of time in the last six months of life spent at home or in a community setting
  • Appropriate birthweight for Gestational Age (AGA)
  • Resource use indicator

The twelve indicators are subject to review, and some are still work in progress. The indicators will be reported via a new web portal, which is being developed currently.