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www.neswebinars.co.uk/login.aspx - A webinar on Prescription for Excellence can be accessed via the NHS Education for Scotland Portal, using a GPhC registration number.


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Prescription for Excellence

Prescription for Excellence, published in September 2013, signals the way forward for NHS pharmaceutical care and lists a number of action points to be taken forward over the next 10 years:

Our overriding objective is that all patients, regardless of their age and setting of care, will receive high quality pharmaceutical care using the clinical skills of the pharmacist to their full potential. We want to see all pharmacists, regardless of whether they work in a hospital, community, NHS Board, or other setting, undertaking an enhanced role in preventing ill health and providing a clinical input to a caseload of patients.

Prescription for Excellence cuts across all settings and is set within the context of changing demographics, health and social care integration and the quality strategy.

Governance arrangements are being put in place to support implementation of Prescription for Excellence: