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Creating a Healthier Scotland Conversation

Health and wellbeing are important for all of us. The Healthier Conversation was an opportunity to get a wide range of views on what matters for the future.

Over 9,000 people took part in the Conversation at 240 events across the country. The Conversation reached over 360,000 people through social media channels and many people got involved through Twitter, Facebook and our website. 

The most common issues raised were:

  • The need for a far greater focus on preventing illness – through education and support to help us make healthy lifestyle choices
  • The importance of mental health and wellbeing – and the role of connected communities and good support networks as part of that
  • The themes of person-centred care, support to self-manage health and the importance of a holistic approach
  • Increased awareness of the full range of social care services and how it benefits different people, along with recognising and valuing the important role of unpaid carers
  • The need for more accessible and flexible services, better partnership working and joined up care, and an easier way of signposting people to what’s available
  • Recognition of the challenges ahead and the need to set clear priorities for the future

The findings from the Conversation will be considered alongside recently published reviews and policy documents such as the National Clinical Strategy, the Government’s response to the Out of Hours Review and the Public Health Review.

We know from the Conversation that a lot of you want to be involved in the next steps and we’ll make sure there’s more public engagement as we go forward. The Our Voice framework will continue to support further engagement about what matters and what needs to change, encouraging you to become part of that process.