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Communications Toolkit

This communications toolkit contains practical resources and information to help local areas to communicate the purpose and outcomes of health and social care integration.

Why has this toolkit been produced?

By using the resources and information set out in this toolkit, in conjunction with your own messaging, local knowledge and networks, you can help to successfully communicate the opportunities, challenges and benefits of this transformational change.

How to work with this toolkit

This toolkit contains information and links to support and guide communications around health and social care integration at a national and local level.

It also provides practical information on the aims and anticipated benefits of health and social care integration which can be used to target different audience groups.

The messages and information contained in this toolkit are not intended to offer an ‘official’ position or to act as a substitute for local work. Rather, they are materials that you may find useful to support your own communications and which can be adapted and used locally.

Who is this toolkit for?

Anyone involved in the implementation of health and social care integration can use the resources in this toolkit to support effective engagement and communications. Local communications team can provide expert advice on what you need to consider for the audience that you are trying to communicate with as well as the most appropriate channels to use locally.

Who has produced this toolkit?

It has been co-produced by the Health and Social Care Integration Communications Group and published by the Scottish Government.