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Core Indicators

This suite of core indicators draw together measures that are appropriate for the whole system under integration and have been developed in partnership with NHSScotland, COSLA and the third and independent sectors.

They should be used in conjunction with the Public Bodies (JointWorking) (National Health and Wellbeing Outcomes) (Scotland) Regulations 2014.

Each Integration Authority is required to publish an annual performance report, which will set out how they are improving the National Health and Wellbeing Outcomes. These reports will all need to include information about the core suite of indicators, supported by local measures and contextualising data to provide a broader picture of local performance.

Information to support this is detailed in the associated Information Framework. In future, if there is demand, we will look at developing this Information Framework into a web resource, and as such we would very much appreciate feedback on this prototype. Please send comments to irc@gov.scot